Monday, 16 January 2012

mood boards anyone?

Hello ladies,

I know some brides-to-be has been surfing the web for ideas that might be suitable for their engagement or akad ceremony. We too have been browsing through all the wonderful sites from all the famous mak andams that have created lots and lots of gorgeous pelamin or wedding dais. So, we have somewhat came up with a few mood boards that might help you brides-to-be to plan out your perfect day :)

This mini pelamin is from Lamariku and it screams girlish from every angle. We love the flower arrangements and the simple lighting that compliment the dais. It is perfect for akad nikah ceremony at home or even for engagement. Here are also some ideas for hand bouquet, cakes and also door gifts.

For those who are dreaming to have a "shades of blue" ceremony, here's an example of a pelamin from Liyana SCR. 

We also absolutely love this over the top pelamin that Ariweddingcouture designed for Elyana. It's super chic and elegant. It is also perfect for a modern do and for those who wants traditional with a touch of modernism. 

Anyone of you who are interested in sharing ideas and also planning their perfect day with us, you are very much welcomed. If you like these ideas, just drop us an email and we'll help you get your fairy tale wedding within your budget.

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