Monday, 16 January 2012

mood boards


What's not to love about white weddings? Here are some ideas of white with a touch of gold or red.

The simple white and red pelamin is from Kerjakahwin.blogspot. It's simple design with red roses bouquets on the sides is just to die for. We suggest the same bouquet for the bride as a hand bouquet and white cupcakes with red rose detailing as door gifts.

We also love this white and gold mini dais from Your wedding story. Not only it is simple, the soft touches of sheer curtains adorning the pergola stage is also elegant. Add touches of gold to your decor and hand bouquet to complete the theme idea. :)

If you like the ideas on the mood boards that we have came up with, don't be shy to inquire us with quotation and details. :)

mood boards anyone?

Hello ladies,

I know some brides-to-be has been surfing the web for ideas that might be suitable for their engagement or akad ceremony. We too have been browsing through all the wonderful sites from all the famous mak andams that have created lots and lots of gorgeous pelamin or wedding dais. So, we have somewhat came up with a few mood boards that might help you brides-to-be to plan out your perfect day :)

This mini pelamin is from Lamariku and it screams girlish from every angle. We love the flower arrangements and the simple lighting that compliment the dais. It is perfect for akad nikah ceremony at home or even for engagement. Here are also some ideas for hand bouquet, cakes and also door gifts.

For those who are dreaming to have a "shades of blue" ceremony, here's an example of a pelamin from Liyana SCR. 

We also absolutely love this over the top pelamin that Ariweddingcouture designed for Elyana. It's super chic and elegant. It is also perfect for a modern do and for those who wants traditional with a touch of modernism. 

Anyone of you who are interested in sharing ideas and also planning their perfect day with us, you are very much welcomed. If you like these ideas, just drop us an email and we'll help you get your fairy tale wedding within your budget.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dewan Putrajaya all things white and pink

Reception of Fikka and Ijaz in Dewan Melati in Putrajaya. The theme was white with details of pink.

credits to zaifiezainalcreations for a wonderful job! :)

all things pink and white

Mini pelamin for akad nikah ceremony in Putra Prima. The theme was white with a bit of pink details.

Fabric panel

This time around, we used wood panel covered with gold fabric as the backdrop. This is honestly, by far, my favorite backdrop. The gold fabric adds a touch of luxury but the white bouquets still maintains the modesty of the mini pelamin. Choose from a wide range of seating designs that fit your taste and budget :)

Mini pelamin too!

Here are also other designs for mini pelamin for home. :)

Mini Pelamin

Hello there ladies,

We would like to share with you some of our mini pelamin for home fit for akad nikah or majlis bertunang. Get back to us if you are interested in any of these designs.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Hi ladies,

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Have a beautiful day :)

Lily & Rose


Casablanca lilies and white roses have never looked so gorgeous. Although the trays were white, but the flower arrangement managed to make the flowers looked ever so natural. Seemed like we literally picked them from a garden :)


Ladies, feast your eyes on wild orchids and cream carnation sprays. The flower arrangement looked really incredible even though the combination may seem debatable!

Scarlet letters?


This time around we used fresh red roses and red carnations as bases of our dulang hantaran. As you can see, the dulang looked so full and robust! (and that is how we like our hantarans to be like ;) ) have a look. Maybe this can be your hantaran design :)

Luckily for us, the gifts are mostly in black and that made them really popped out from the fat trays of roses.

purple pleasure


We were super duper excited when we found out that we were supposed to experiment with PURPLE! Yup! one of our favorite colors of the season. In this set of hantaran, we used deep purple and white carnation sprays and sprinkles of misty blues here and there. With a little bit of magic touch, this simple white dulang hantaran was beautifully transformed to something so fun yet so beautifully chic :)


Hey there brides-to-be!

I know planning your perfect wedding isn't easy. Trust me, been there, done that. Every girl has dreamed of a perfect wedding ever since she saw that beautiful glow on a bride's face when she was young. I was once that girl too. Every detail has to be perfect, from the gown that you're going to wear, the perfect pair of shoes, the fairy tale like wedding dais, the hantaran up to the playlist of songs that will entertain your guests.

Here at Refecca Creations, we vow to help you go through the details down to the teeny tiny bits to make sure your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. We have so many wedding dais and hantaran designs that will wow your heart out. Not to mention our versatile designs that can be custom fitted to suit your style and also budget! So girls, have fun going through our blog and do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries or bookings ;)

Good luck and wedding dust to all!